Having no floor is like having no roof!

About us

Variety of Options

With our company’s experience in the flooring spanning more than 2 decades, we’ve worked this far with every flooring type installations – from hardwood and engineered wood to ceramic tile, vinyl, and marble!

Long-lasting Quality

With so many different types of flooring options out there, some of them are more durable and long-lasting than the others, but at the end of the day the quality of all of them is outstanding!

Range of Products

Besides providing our main service of installations for all types of flooring, carpets, and rugs ever imaginable, we also have a store for them all – making it possible for you to purchase the flooring itself!

Affordable Pricing

Despite our range of flooring products varying greatly, one thing it all has in common is the superior quality and the most affordable and fair pricetags attached!


David and his team were amazing! We had 3 bids and they were right around each other but David just appeared to know the most. He came to our home 3 times before the project even started to discuss colors, the different types of wood in our home and the timing of the project. He worked with our realtor and designer to find the perfect wood color. We would text him in the evenings with questions and he responded right away. We just bought a new home and before we move in we are planning to use Tom’s Harwood floors again! In addition the movers scratched the floor and they came back right away to buff it and make it perfect…. Highly recommend this company.

Aparna A.

We recently renovated a kitchen, and David and his team put in new floors that matched the rest of the flat seamlessly. They also refinished the floors in the rest of the flat and did an excellent job. They were responsive, professional, knowledgable, and just really nice. I would definitely use them again for any future renovations, without hesitation.

Kaya K.

Here comes another great review for Tom’s Hardwood Floors. 🙂

My uncle, with a painting company, recommended Tom’s, based on the quality of the work he’s seen all over San Francisco. Tom’s has lots of jobs, for a good reason.

Unfortunately, my elderly parents decided to go with a less reputable company who cold-called them (ugh!), from HomeAdvisors. This ‘other’ company did a horrible job, leaving sand marks, brush strokes, pooled polyurethane. And then, had the nerve to blame the weather, and my parents, for the end result?! This became a source of stress for my parents, as their rental property was no longer ready to rent out as the work had to be completely redone, and additionally, will cost more to correct. (Reasons right here NOT to hire the cheapest bid.)

$2,000, and a bad job later, I imposed my will, and hired Tom’s Hardwood Floors to fix the recently ruined floors.

David assessed the botched job, and put my parents’ mind (and mine), at ease, that this could be fixed. They *more* than fixed the floors. They look phenomenal! You would never know Tom’s had to come in after a botched job, to save the day. No signs of sand marks anymore. Evenly applied stain. Nice floors.

Special note: David was really kind with my elderly mother who was visibly ashamed, and upset, with her decision to hire the other company first. David helped calm a touchy situation, and I knew my parents were finally in good hands.

Girlina O.