Flooring Installation Services

We are able to install just any kind of flooring!

New Wood Floor Installation

We have a robust wood floor installation service, meaning we do our best to bring your vision to life. We take the time to understand what you have in mind. We want you to be thrilled that starts with you having the choice of flooring. You can choose between different kind of flooring that we carry a wide vast in stock. Genuinely, we can utilize any kind of wood that you have in mind – we just want you to be pleased with what you get. Keep in mind we install bare hardwood or pre-finished hardwood, engineered, and half-inch to three-quarter inch hardwood flooring. We can also do glue-down hardwood flooring on concrete slabs, borders, patterns, medallions, and flush mount vents. And if you are worried about some carpeting or particleboard that needs to be removed before the hardwood flooring install takes place, we can gladly remove it prior to installation.

Wood Floor Repair

Perhaps you aren’t interested in a full-on hardwood floor installation. Maybe all you need is a little brush up and hardwood floor repair from Classic Touch. We can breath new life into your floor through our buff and recoat process that involves lightly sanding and cleaning them. Then we apply a new coat of high-quality finish to seal the deal. This is a cost-effective option for many looking to improve the look and feel of their home. Keep in mind we also can replace or repair broken floorboards without charging you an arm and a leg to do so.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Quite simply, we are the hardwood floor refinishing experts in San Francisco Bay Area. Again, this service represents a cost-effective way to bring a renewed beauty to your home without breaking the piggy bank. Even wood floors that most would consider to be beyond the point of feasible repair can be helped by our wood floor refinishing techniques. How so? We use a dustless floor sanding process which dramatically lowers the amount of dust in the air. This is an attractive feature for our customers who deal with dust allergies. You then choose your stain type, which is followed by three coats of wood floor finish. We will recommend either a specific water or oil-based finish. With the appropriate care, which we will educate you about, you’ll be able to utilize the wood floor refinishing we’ve done to extend the beauty of your floor for many years to come.

Wood Staining

when it comes to wood staining and finding a contractor worth their salt, you want to be assured of both the contractor’s experience and reputation. Of course, having an understanding that they will use only the best products and materials doesn’t hurt. At Classic Touch Wood Floors, we use high-quality stains which are fast-drying and offer high-grade durability on wood floors. You can select from a variety of custom stains and colors when going with Classic Touch.

Our Floors are the Finishing Touch for Your Home!

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